How does Semaphor billing work? What plans are available?

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How do I upgrade?

There are actually two different ways to pay for Semaphor: you can upgrade your entire Team to a paid plan, or you can purchase an individual user subscription.

Upgrading your Team plan gives you access to all of Semaphor's premium features as well as unlimited retention. You can choose whether you'd like to upgrade to a Professional or Standard Plan: the only difference is that on a Professional Team the owner pays for all users, and on a Standard plan each user pays for him or herself.

If you would like to join a Standard Team, you will need to purchase a paid user subscription, since each member of a Standard Team pays for her or himself.

Team Plan Types

Basic: This is a free Team with limited features which only retains message history for 30 days.

Professional: A paid plan with premium features and unlimited file retention. Learn how to upgrade your team

Note: Individual users do not need a paid Personal user subscription in order to join a Professional Team. Instead, once a Team admin approves your join request, the Team owner will be charged an additional monthly fee for each new member.

Standard: This is identical to the Professional plan, except on Standard each user pays for her or himself. In order to join a Standard Team, you must have a paid Semaphor Personal account. If you do not pay, you will be locked out of the team after 3 days. Learn how to upgrade to a personal account

Enterprise (Coming Soon): A paid plan with unlimited message and file retention, LDAP integration, customizable retention policies, and more. Contact us for more information.

User Accounts

Free users can join or create an unlimited number of Basic and Professional Teams. Because the team Owner pays for a Professional Team, you will not need to update your user subscription to join a Pro team.

However, you will need a paid user subscription to join a Standard Team. Once you upgrade to the paid Personal account, you can join or create an unlimited number of additional Standard Teams.

For prices, see our pricing page.