Where can I find the data I've uploaded to SpiderOak?

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All data you've uploaded to SpiderOak can be found in the Manage tab of the SpiderOakONE application. To download any of your data, select a file or folder and press the Download button. You can choose whether to download your file to its original location or to any other folder of your choice.

To access data you've uploaded from other devices, click on the name of the device in the Devices list. This will display the data you have uploaded from other devices.

You can also access your data online using the SpiderOak web interface. To access your data or account details online, click the Login link on the SpiderOak website. On the Login page, enter your email and password in the appropriate fields and click the Login button.

The information above is based on the current version of our application. If you are running an older version, download and install our current version, then follow the instructions above.