How can I exclude certain files or folders from backup?

You cannot exclude a single file or folder from backup, but you can use these rules to exclude any files or folders which match a specific wildcard.

First, click Preferences in the lower right corner of the SpiderOak application window, then select the Backup tab.

To exclude files or folders with a certain word or phrase in the filename, you will need to set a wildcard exclusion. When you are selecting a wildcard to exclude certain directories, you must make certain that you include an asterisk (*) where appropriate.

For example, to exclude all files or folders that END with the phrase 'stuff', add the wildcard exclusion *stuff. If you type this in the "Exclude files matching wildcard" field, this tells SpiderOak to exclude all files that end with the phrase "stuff" regardless of what other text is in front of the file.

To exclude a file or folder that has "stuff" anywhere in its file name, enter the exclusion *stuff*.

To exclude a particular type of file, type an asterisk followed by the file type in the "Exclude files" field. For example, to exclude temporary files, you would enter the wild card exclusion *.tmp.

If you do not include any asterisks in your wildcard, SpiderOak will only exclude those files and directories which exactly match what you have entered.

Note that all exclusions are global, so these rules will affect your files in Hive as well.