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Awesome! You want unlimited retention and premium features! First, are you the owner of this team, or an admin? Remember: You must be an owner or admin to upgrade a team! If you aren’t an admin yet, another admin can change your role.

If you are an owner or admin, you must now decide:

  • Do I want to pay for the whole team myself?
  • Do I want everyone on the team to pay for her or himself?

If you’re planning to pay for your entire team, you want the Professional plan. If you want everyone to pay for her or himself, you want the Standard plan. Both Teams have the same premium features and unlimited retention – the only difference is who pays.

How to upgrade your team:

  1. Make sure you are in the Channels view
  2. Click the three dots next to your team name
  3. Select Manage Team. The Team Options menu will open on the right of your Semaphor window
  4. Click Billing, and the Semaphor Billing page will automatically open in your browser. (If you don’t see a Billing link, you are viewing the Team Options for a team where you aren’t an owner or admin.)
  5. Click “Change Plan” next to your current team type
  6. Choose Professional (you will pay for all members of the Team) or Standard (all team members will pay for themselves), then click Next.

a. To upgrade to Professional, you must enter your billing details. As soon as you confirm your payment information, you will be immediately billed for all current members of your team.

b. To upgrade to Standard, you will not be required to enter your billing details. Instead, any users who have not already upgraded to a Personal User Subscription will be locked out of the Standard Team after their three-day trial has ended.

7. Click “Complete Checkout” to confirm your team upgrade.

a. If you have upgraded to a Standard Team but you have not yet paid for the Personal User Subscription, Semaphor will prompt you to pay for your user account in order to continue accessing your Standard Team.

8. Enjoy unlimited message retention and access to new features!