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Why do I need to upgrade my user subscription?

You need to upgrade to a Personal User Subscription if you're interested in joining a Standard Team. On the Personal subscription, you pay $9 a month to have access to an unlimited number of Standard Teams.

If you aren’t trying to join any Standard Teams, where other team members have paid accounts, you do not need to upgrade your user subscription! On a Basic team, no one pays; on a Pro Team, the team owner pays for everyone. Learn the difference between subscriptions and pricing

How do I upgrade to a personal user subscription?

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of Semaphor. This will open your profile menu.

  2. In the Your Profile menu, click “Billing”. This will launch your Semaphor billing page in your browser.

  3. Next to your current User Subscription, click “Change”

  4. Select the Personal subscription and click Next

  5. Enter your payment details and click “Subscribe” to confirm your account subscription upgrade. Your card will be billed immediately.

  6. You can now create and join an unlimited number of Standard Teams!

Wait, what happened to my three day trial?

The very first time a free user joins a Standard Team, that user can see content for three days before getting locked out. However, you only get one trial, no matter how many Standard Teams you join.

If you're still on a Basic plan and you’ve already had your three days of free content on any Standard Team, the next time you join another Standard Team you must pay immediately to see any Team content.