Zero Knowledge
is completely different.

Something to Protect

Privacy online seems to get a bad rap. We're told, "the only people who care about privacy are those who have something to hide." Well, we emphatically disagree. The notion we should not care about privacy is largely promoted by companies who depend on you being their product. It's not about what people want to hide, it's really about being able to choose that something is worth protecting.

Demand Nothing

Zero Knowledge means we know nothing about the encrypted data you store on our servers. This unique design means nothing leaves your computer until after it is encrypted and is never decrypted until it is unlocked with your password on your computer. It's not just "end to end encryption;" it's a Zero Knowledge System.



Files, data, and even information about your files, is encrypted with your password before it leaves your computer. It is protected over SSL in-transit, and stored on our servers in its encrypted state.


Private Password

Your password is never transmitted to or stored on our servers. Without your password, our system's design makes it impossible for us or any third party to decrypt anything you store on our servers.



Filenames, size, and file creation dates are examples of meta-data – information about information. In our design we have access to none of it. To us, your files are simply containers of encrypted data.

1TB for Only $12 a Month

SpiderOakONE is the leading private backup solution and is 100% Zero Knowledge. Get a ton of space for only $12 a month. Plans starting at $7 a month for 30GB and up to 5TB. Pay monthly or annually. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

Get Started

One of its key selling points is that, unlike some of the other services available, encryption keys are not stored with the service. Spideroak calls this its 'Zero Knowledge' policy and it effectively means that only you have the keys to the kingdom.