secure encrypted cloud backup and messaging


The Power of
Private Blockchain

Blockchain isn't a buzzword for us. It's the backbone of all the software we've built for years.

SpiderOak gives you the power of end-to-end encryption with private blockchain to protect your data.



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Protect your team's most important communication and data

cloud backup secure online storage
SpiderOak ONE

Never lose another file to ransomware, hardware failure, or accidental deletion. Unlimited devices and new pricing for 2018.

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Trusted Application Platform

Building secure software is hard. We’ve figured out how and can help you build software the same way we do.

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end-to-end encrypted secure messaging

The world's most secure group chat and messaging. Built for teams that want completely encrypted communications.

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Secure Application Updater

Don’t be part of the next supply chain attack. Protect your applications from being compromised by malicious or fake software updates.

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Secure, cross-platform password management with end to end encryption. So simple your grandparents can use it. Enough said.

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Concerned about blind spots in your security posture? Leverage our team’s expertise in improving businesses security architecture.

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Five New Rules for Keeping Your Company’s Data Safe

  • “Slack, HipChat, and other collaboration tools are the cool kids these days. And while they do a lot well There's something missing that can cost you your business. Privacy. Let's just say (Semaphor) is like Slack, but waaaaay more secure.”
    Travis Wright
    Chief Marketing Technologist

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