Securing the World's Data


We build technology for the most demanding security needs of businesses operating in the digitally connected global economy of the 21st century.

SpiderOak is the only technology that eliminates entire categories of cyber attacks, delivering enterprise-class capabilities in even the most unlikely remote locations. Wherever you do business, we help you protect your most precious information by seamlessly managing authority, access, confidentiality, and integrity for your organization, allowing you to focus on delivering success after success.

Leveraging our decade-long expertise in No Knowledge encryption, we have pioneered a new model of security which prioritizes authority above all else. We are actively developing solutions for business scenarios which challenge and change the rules of information security.


Stop attacks by removing attack vectors. Attackers can't find an opening so data stays secure.


Work faster in more places by expanding capabilities to work on networks you don't trust.


Work with international partners or across multiple security domains


Compartmentalize data on the fly.

SpiderOak believes when data is secure, the world is truly safe, prosperous, and free.

Modern business requires increased capabilities and more agility.

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) provides a novel means to manage authority and access in an unpredictable and always-connected world. SpiderOak has developed a DLT-based architecture targeted towards addressing the need for flexible but strong security surrounding sensitive environments which host business-critical information, such as proprietary code or intellectual property.