Select Data for Backup Startup Guide

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1. Open the SpiderOak application and choose the Backup tab.

If you don’t want to move your files or folders, you don’t have to use Hive. Instead, you can tell SpiderOak to backup your files where they are.

Not sure what you should back up? See our suggestions of what data you should and shouldn't back up.

2. Choose categories or select specific files and folders

You now have the choice to backup your files by category or to select specific files and folders.

Select Categories allows you to select what type of files you would like SpiderOak to backup. You can choose to back up your Desktop, Documents, Movies, Music, or Pictures.

 select categories

Please note that choosing one of these categories will cause SpiderOak to back up the default location for these files rather than all files of a particular type. For example, if you select Pictures, SpiderOak will back up the default pictures storage location for your computer and all its contents. On Windows, this will back up the “My Pictures” folder and anything inside it.

Check all categories you wish to include in your backup. Make sure the estimated size of your backup shown in the storage bar does not exceed the space available in your account.

Select Specific Files and Folders lets you look through your computer and find exactly which files you want to backup. To select a file or folder for backup, check the box next to the folder or file. If you select a folder, all its subfolders and their contents will be backed up as well.

 select specific files

3. Click Save

When you have selected all the data you would like to backup, click ‘Save’ in the menu bar to begin the backup process.

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