Download and Install SpiderOak Startup Guide

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1. Download SpiderOak from this page: Get Started


Please Note: Our mobile apps are currently read-only. To create your SpiderOak account, you must download and install the software on a computer.

The download should begin automatically. If it doesn’t, you can manually select the correct version.

2. Run the installer.

The installer will walk you through the installation process. When SpiderOak has finished installing the SpiderOakONE Account Setup window will open.

 account setup

3. Create your account.

To create your new SpiderOak account, enter your email address and your full name and choose a password. We strongly recommend you also create a password hint. This hint will be emailed to you if you ever lose or forget your password.

Make sure you choose a password you can easily remember, store it somewhere safe, and set a hint. If you lose your password, we can never reset or recover it for you!

Once you have finished entering your account details, click Create Account.

4. Create your first device.

Choose a name to help you remember which computer this is, then click Create Device.

What’s a device? A device name is like an electronic name tag you assign to a physical computer. This name tag tells SpiderOak which files you have selected to backup and sync on a particular computer. If you ever need to reinstall SpiderOak for troubleshooting purposes, you can choose to reinstall an existing device and SpiderOak will remember all the files you’ve selected for backup and sync.

SpiderOak will now generate your encryption keys and complete the setup of SpiderOakONE on your system.

When Setup finishes, SpiderOak will launch. You’re ready to start backing up and syncing your files!

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