What if I forget my password?

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When logging in, be sure that you are entering the email address associated with your account, or it will fail. If you have SpiderOak now running on a computer, or if you can launch it without entering a password, then you can see the email address associated with your account in the application window.

Also in the SpiderOak application, you can reset your password. Open SpiderOak and select the Account menu item. The Account window will open. Select the Edit button next to your password, and there you will be able to change it and set an optional password hint. Changing your password from any computer in your SpiderOak account will change your password for all your computers and the web interface.

If you created a hint for your password, you can have that hint sent to the email address associated with your account by entering it here.

Be sure you're entering the email address associated with your account. To make things harder for the bad guys, if you make any mistake in entering your email or enter the wrong one, no error message will be shown. If you cannot find the password hint email, please double check your spam folders in case this email was incorrectly marked as junk. Always check your filter settings to make sure you're able to receive email from SpiderOak.

If none of the above helps, then your only option would be to open a new account. Here at SpiderOak we take our Zero Knowledge privacy policy very seriously, so we never have any knowledge of your password and no way to retrieve or reset it, even in emergencies. It's one of the ways in which we ensure that our customers' data is always completely secure... even from ourselves. We would of course transfer the billing history of a paid account to your new one, so you would not lose any money or storage space. You would, however, have to upload your files again.

So that this doesn't happen again, you might be interested in Encryptr, our new Zero Knowledge password safe, to keep this and all your passwords handy and secure:

If you need assistance in closing your account and opening a new one, please contact support@spideroak.com.