Your first choice for a simple, free, and truly private password manager.

Generate secure passwords. Everything is accessible only to you on our Zero Knowledge cloud, whether you're on your phone or at your desk.

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Create and Protect

Need a specific type of password? Let Encryptr create the perfect one for you. With one click, the password generator will provide you with a secure password or you can save your own as well.

Store and Search

Your passwords on Encryptr are automatically synced across all of your devices for easy access. Use the search bar to find the password, credit card number, or notes that you're looking for.



Secure and Private

Giving you peace of mind is our priority. By storing your passwords on Encryptr, all of your data will be saved in encrypted format in our Zero Knowledge cloud. You are the sole owner of your keys, which decrypt your passwords.

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Carefree, Simple, encrypted password manager


  • Keep track of all of your passwords
  • Strong password generator
  • Quick search
  • Sync across all of your devices
  • Manage your personal information