Why aren’t my Semaphor notifications working?

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There are several different reasons why you may not be receiving notifications. Here are the most common causes:

1. Is Semaphor still focused? If the Semaphor window is still in focus, even if you're working in another program, you won't get a notification. For example, if you have Semaphor open but then you open a word processor on top of it without minimizing Semaphor, you will not receive a notification.

2. Are you currently viewing the channel where you received the notification? Semaphor will only push notifications for channels you are not actively looking at.

3. Did the user attempting to send you a notification use the right format? To send a notification you must preface the correctly spelled username with an ‘@’ sign. This would look like ‘@UserName’.

4. Are your operating system notifications enabled? Make sure to check your system settings.

5. Are your notifications set to ‘Do Not Disturb'? This is a new feature of Windows 10 that may have been enabled without your knowledge, so be certain to double check!

6. There is a delay on notifications for the mobile application. iOS and Android versions of Semaphor both wait to see if you acknowledge a message on a desktop device before they will notify you on mobile. This is expected behavior – if you don’t view the message on desktop, you should get the notification on mobile after a short delay.

If you have checked all the above and are still having trouble receiving notifications, please submit a customer service request to semaphor@spideroak.com.