What are link tags? How do I use them?

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What's a link tag?

The link tag feature allows a team owner to associate their team ID with a particular URL, allowing users to input a more memorable URL instead of a long alphanumeric team ID.

The link tag should have this format:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/semaphor href="semaphor://join/RRZC2KJKSPRT...">

The href attribute should be a team join URI, which can be found in Team Options. Other URIs are not supported. An XHTML-compatible /> can be used at the end if desired.

The above link can sit anywhere in an html page and the URL of the webpage containing the link tag must be served over HTTPS.

How do I use link tags?

To send a join request to a team with a link tag you can either select the link tag which automatically launches Semaphor and sends a join request to the team or you can perform the following:

1. Launch your Semaphor application.

2. Select the blue ‘+’ symbol and choose ‘Join Team’

3. Enter the web address the link tag is located on.

4. Select the ‘Join Team’ option to send a join request to the team administrator.

For example: If there is a link for a join request to the SpiderOak team located in/on https://www.spideroak.com, the user can navigate to the Join Team menu on Semaphor and type inhttps://www.spideroak.com and then submit. This will send a join request to the SpiderOak team.