Removing a device from your Semaphor account

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Beginning in version 1.3.0, Semaphor offers the ability to remove devices from your account. This is useful in the case of a stolen device, or if you are concerned that a device may fall into malicious hands.

Deleting a device from your Semaphor account does not remove the content already in Semaphor on that device, but rather cuts off access so that no further updates can be downloaded and no messages can be uploaded from it. It works like a remote log out feature.

Deleting a device from your account

In the Semaphor application, click on your user icon in the top right of the application window. Scroll down and under Settings select Devices. In the list of devices, click the Delete button next to the name of the device you wish to remove from your account. A confirmation dialogue will appear; to complete the deletion click the Yes, Remove this Device button.