How do I access a ShareRoom?

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You can access your ShareRoom one of three ways.

First, the unique URL generated when you created a share is a secure way to access your ShareRoom. SpiderOak uses HTTPS and other measures to ensure sharing is done in the most discreet and secure way.

You can share this URL with anyone at your discretion. The invitees will be able to see the name of the person sharing, the name of the share, the RoomKey (in the URL itself), and all files and folders in the share. Invitees DO NOT need to be SpiderOak users to view the contents of a ShareRoom.

Second, you and your guests may access your ShareRoom by clicking the Share Login link at and entering the ShareID and RoomKey for a specific share.

Lastly, you can access your share room from your SpiderOak account online. When you are logged in to your SpiderOak account online (see Accessing my Account online), you can click the 'Share' tab to see a list of all your current ShareRooms. Click on the name of the share to view the ShareRoom.