Sync Startup Guide

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What does sync do?

Sync is an automatic process that can keep two or more folders in different locations identical. Any change that you make to a folder that is synced will automatically be replicated to all other computers or folders which are a part of this sync.

You can sync folders which are on different physical machines or in different locations on the same computer.

How do I create a sync?

You only need to create a sync on one of your devices. A single sync can synchronize data between two, three, four, or more computers. Any sync you create will automatically appear on all of the computers that you have included in the sync.

1. Open SpiderOak and select the Sync tab

The sync tab will show you any syncs you have already created, which you can edit or delete.

2. Select New to create a new sync.

 new sync

Pushing "New" will open the sync creation window, where you can enter details about your new sync.

3. Enter a name and a description for your sync

 name sync

A description is optional. Once you've finished, scroll down, and then click Next to continue.

4. Add folders to your sync.

 select folders

Click Browse to choose the folders you wish to add to the sync. When you find the folder you wish to sync, click Select.

Do the same for the second folder you wish to sync. To add a third folder (or additional folders), click the red plus sign below your selected folders and another folder selection box will appear. You can sync as many folders as you want.

Remember that you cannot select individual files for sync, only folders. If you try to select a file, the ‘Next’ button will be greyed out. If you only wish to keep a single file in sync, create a new folder of the same name, place the file inside this new folder on each computer in the sync, and select these folders to synchronize.

When you have finished selecting the folders you wish to keep in sync, click Next.

5.Set Exclusions

Choose any files or types of files that you don't want to be included in the sync. When you have set your exclusions, click Next.

6. Click Start Sync

Verify that you have included all the folders you want in the Sync, and click Start Sync.

SpiderOak will immediately scan these folders to determine what data needs to be downloaded or modified to the most recent version. When the sync completes, all folders in the sync will be identical.

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