Hive Startup Guide

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What's Hive?

Hive is the simplest way to back up your data with SpiderOak. Everything that you place in the Hive folder is both backed up to our servers and synchronized across all the computers in your SpiderOak account.

When you install SpiderOak, Hive will appear on your desktop automatically.

 hive icon

How do I use Hive?

Drag and drop the files you wish to back up in Hive. SpiderOak will immediately begin backing up these files and keeping them in sync. It’s that simple.

 Hive folder

If you no longer want a file to be backed up, move it out of Hive. SpiderOak will move the backed up copy into your Deleted Items bin for this device, where it will be stored until you manually remove it.

For example, if you move a folder into your Hive on your work laptop, that same folder will be created in Hive on your home desktop. If you edit a file in Hive on your home desktop, those same changes will be made to the file on your work laptop.

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