Why isn't SpiderOakONE open source yet? When will it be?

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The SpiderOak desktop backup client is the product of years of a typical startup scramble, and the codebase itself is tightly interwoven with a lot of other moving parts and sensitive information that we cannot release. We would like to correct this as much as anyone else, however the cost of doing so would stall our limited engineering resources enough that it would threaten our ability to continue providing world-class privacy preserving products.

Have we learned from our experiences in that startup scramble? Definitely! All new code we expect users to trust us with is being made public no later than the date of initial release. You can find source code to ONE’s mobile client, Encryptr, and Kloak on GitHub.

The source code to our soon-to-be-released Semaphor will be made available there on launch. While we admit that this isn’t the perfect answer with regards to ONE, it is the best that we can offer right now.