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“All content (including file attachments) is end-to-end encrypted so that even SpiderOak can’t read it.”
“If an attacker were to gain access to every corner of SpiderOak's corporate systems, it wouldn't let them read the conversations of the firm's customers. If you want to enjoy the benefits of collaboration apps and don’t want to give up on your privacy, you might want to consider (Semaphor).”
The Daily Dot
“Slack, Hipchat and other collaboration tools are the cool kids these days. And while they do a lot well...there's something missing that can cost you your business. Privacy. Let's just say (Semaphor) is like Slack, but WAAAAY more secure.”
“Use Semaphor for collaboration. Semaphor allows teams of users to share files and create private chat rooms that are encrypted individually.”
Reveal, for The Center for Investigative Reporting

Meet the more productive, secure you.

Create a channel for the different projects you're working on. Collaborate within your team, departments, clients and contractors. Have a new project with someone outside your company? Create a new team for them to join and they'll only have access to the information in that team. Your conversations and files stay private and secure, accessible only to those who you want to have access. You have access to all teams and channels in one window.

The best part? No drowning in email and CC'd conversations, or hunting for old attachments you remember but can't seem to find. Simple, straightforward collaboration gives your team unparalleled privacy and confidence in the cloud.

Pricing starts at only $9/user/month. HIPAA/FINRA/FIRPA compliant.


From sign in to sharing, Semaphor is the only team collaboration app that is built from the ground up with No Knowledge architecture. Because our software encrypts every piece of data before it ever leaves a computer, we never know the types or content of your files. You alone have sole ownership and complete control of the keys to unlock your data. Keys only reside on user devices.

With Semaphor, you'll never have to remember a password, pre-encrypt a sensitive document, or worry about a third party seeing your work.

Read the Semaphor Encryption
Common Security Mistakes in Collaboration

Share confidently.

Don't settle for insecure.

Everything you share through Semaphor is encrypted end-to-end before it leaves your computer, in transit through the internet, and in the cloud. Whether it's a sensitive financial document, a business strategy, or a password, you can share it in Semaphor and it will remain secure! Whether you're in a direct message conversation, talking to your staff, co-founder, VCs, clients, you name it - every conversation is independently, cryptographically secure.

No more passwords.

Hackers love weak passwords. To protect your security and privacy, Semaphor generates a secure recovery key for you at sign-up. (Be sure to store it in a safe place like .)

Another way you avoid passwords is through adding your mobile device. It's one of our favorite features! Just launch the desktop app, go to your Profile page and choose Add a Device. On your mobile device, open the app and choose SIGN INTO SEMAPHOR. Simply scan your unique Semaphoric pattern that pops up on the screen of your desktop with your phone. VOILA! Now you can collaborate on the go.

Always-available offline mode

Multi-file upload support & concurrent downloads

Available for desktop & mobile

Manage team permissions & domains

Create public teams & auto-accept join requests

Join with email address or a username

30-day message history for free accounts

Unlimited message history for Pro teams

Supports bots & integrations

Cultivate trust with trusted contacts

Large file support, up to 2 GB

Enable & disable linked devices

LDAP support

Markdown support

HIPAA / FINRA / FIRPA compliant

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