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Semaphor is the business world's first Zero Knowledge collaboration tool. Encrypted messaging, team conversations,
and file-sharing for your enterprise.

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Snowden’s Favorite Cloud Service Now Has a Group Chat App

"Think of all the business secrets being traded or relationships that would come to a screeching halt if customers or clients knew what was really being said within the confines of a group chat room. This reality recent hit home for..."

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This Snowden-approved cybersecurity company wants to build a better Slack

"The idea at the core of Semaphor is maximizing the efficacy of encryption..."

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A Secure Slack Alternative that Edward Snowden Would Love

"Slack, Hipchat and other collaboration tools are the cool kids these days. And while they do a lot well...there's something missing that can cost you your business. Privacy."

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There’s a huge difference between a tool that’s been shoehorned to “fit” your enterprise versus one that was built from the ground up to anticipate your every need and want.

For more than 10 years, we've been building Zero Knowledge, end-to-end encrypted products to protect your organization.

Semaphor brings you deployability and flexibility:

  • Instantly scale from a few users to thousands
  • Quickly onboard your employees
  • Manage your employees straight out of the application, no need for a VM or separate management console (except with on-premise)
  • Both mobile and desktop, on every screen and OS
  • Set key escrow
  • Deploy on-premise for added control


Everyone Wins

Until now, there's never been a mainstream, encrypted messaging and collaboration tool that makes everyone happy: IT, leadership, employees, and stakeholders.

  • Save money with end-to-end encryption; in the event of a catastrophe like a malicious employee, data breach, hacker or rogue sysadmin, you are 100% safe
  • Decrease the amount of email in your inbox with all of your communications in one, secure place
  • Admins can easily set and enforce policy
  • Affordable and simple pricing

Semaphor brings your entire organization usability, convenience, and security. Contact us to learn more.



Security Meets Usability

Every team conversation, file shared and message sent is cryptographically secure. Now you have easy-to-use functionality with the privacy and security features you need to protect your enterprise.

Read our Semaphor Encryption White Paper, review the source code, and find out why we only build products with Zero Knowledge privacy.

We aren't slack about privacy and neither are our customers.


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What are you looking for to help you secure your enterprise? We'd love to talk with you and share more about our
Zero Knowledge, encrypted cloud solutions.


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