Groups Sharing, Sync, Fit & the Future

Our customers tell us that before moving to SpiderOak Groups, they were afraid of losing files to a hard drive failure, scared of employees accidentally deleting important files, and they were worried about access to historical versions of files. (See some unsettling statistics on human error and data breaches.)

We solve all of these problems for you, as well as bring you a new level of visibility and control to your organization.

SpiderOak Groups is right for you if:

  • You need to protect and backup your client information and important business data.

  • You want to save the files that live on the desktop, without going through the hassle of trying to change employee behavior.

  • You want to make sure you have access to all file versions.

  • You want to set a organizational data retention policy.

  • You want to prevent against silent failure.

  • You want to protect yourself from potential disasters that could endanger your business (and cost you lots of money), such as a data breach or employee errors.

We also offer secure one-way file-sharing and single-user sync across unlimited devices and any OS.

How Sharing Works in SpiderOak Groups

Our sharing functionality allows you to transfer files one-way via a ShareRoom, to a single person or a group. You can share one file as a link, or a folder where the receiver can choose what they download out of the ShareRoom.

Sharing is one direction and read-only; you cannot upload your own file to the same ShareRoom. If you’re sharing with someone who will need to send a file back, they will need to figure out how to get the document back to you, either through their own separate ShareRoom, or by other means.

How Sync Works in SpiderOak Groups

The SpiderOak Groups Hive folder is only single-user sync, but allows for (unlimited) multiple devices. At this time we do not have the ability to do multi-user sync like a Shared Folder, but as you can imagine it is a highly requested feature that we are exploring.

Collaboration and the Future

SpiderOak is primarily a backup service with the added ability to share and sync. Our sharing and sync features are not as robust as other services out there, but we're proud of our Zero Knowledge privacy core that drives every decision we make. We offer historical versioning, document recovery, end-to-end encryption, and are continuing to develop other privacy products that will improve people’s lives.

We do not have cross-user collaboration at this time, BUT we are working on something we think you'll be interested in, and plan to share in the coming months. Stay tuned!