Control your keys

Absent from all the conversations about encryption is the most important question you need to ask: Who has my keys?

Trust Only Yourself

When you read our competitors' white papers carefully you'll learn about Hardware Security Modules, Enterprise Key Management systems, limited direct access to keys, escrows and all the other posturing that simply means they have your keys. Every system can be compromised so only trust systems where you are an operator. Our Zero Knowledge design means you are the most important operator since you are the only individual with direct access to the keys.

What We See on Our End

Can't make sense of the hex dump to the right? Well, now you know what we see on our end. Once you've encrypted your files with your key, this is the only thing we store on our end – just blocks of indecipherable crypto text. We can't read it and are not even sure what it might contain.

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


Key Management

Only you have your keys, and that's the only way to decrypt your files. On your computer, with your password and key. You alone have access to and can manage your keys to all your most important files.



Files, data, and even information about your files, is encrypted with your password before it leaves your computer. It is protected over SSL in-transit, and stored on our servers in its encrypted state.



Since we don't have your keys we know nothing about what you save on our servers. File and folder names, their size, and creation dates are examples of meta-data – information about information. We don't have any of it.

1TB for Only $12 a Month

SpiderOakONE is the leading private backup solution and is 100% Zero Knowledge. Get a ton of space for only $12 a month. Plans starting at $7 a month for 30GB and up to 5TB. Pay monthly or annually. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

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