Enterprise Endpoint Backup

Ransomware Protection & Disaster Recovery for Your Sensitive Data.

Scalable, deployable & flexible hosting. Prevent data loss & increase organizational security with No Knowledge, end-to-end encrypted endpoint backup. You manage the keys. Enterprise & LDAP ready.

“Every time (a breach) is announced, the universe of people and companies that understand and value true privacy grows, which ultimately drives higher demand for SpiderOak’s truly private solutions.”
Chicago Tribune
“Because of the way SpiderOak handles encryption and passwords, backups of all your files and folders are extremely safe and private.”
PC Magazine
“With high-profile data security and privacy breaches escalating over the past couple of years, SpiderOak aims to give businesses some peace of mind.”
Business News Daily
“SpiderOak nails its colors very clearly to the mast with its focus on security and privacy. If these are the most important elements you require then it is clearly the best choice.”
PC Advisor

Deployment & Scalability Made Simple.

We’ve been helping our enterprise customers protect their endpoints for years. The thing we hear most from admins? How much they appreciate the easy-to-use admin console, central device management, and the features like our drag & drop sync across a user's devices.

Easy deployment to thousands of machines. Get up and running in an afternoon with onsite training, assisted deployment and tier 1 support. Scale when needed.

Now your board, leadership team, and staff will never lose another file, folder, version, or deleted item. Features like purge hold and point-in-time recovery are not only convenient, but protect you from ransomware, data loss, disasters, malicious employees, rogue sysadmins, hackers, and hard drive failures.


Reduce your risk with our No Knowledge architecture. Because our software encrypts every piece of data before it ever leaves a computer, we never know the types or content of your files.

Everything we store is encrypted end-to-end (at-rest and in-transit). You alone have sole ownership and complete control of the keys to unlock your data. Keys only reside on user devices.

We believe privacy is the best security and built all of our products for enterprise with this in mind.

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Centralized Device Management

Push installs through remote policy preferences to quickly set up your team(s). Enforce global policies like purge hold, retention, and deleted Items.

Sync across any operating system. SpiderOak's endpoint backup is available for Windows, Mac, Linux with read-only access on iOS and Android.

Save time by using point-in-time restore. In any case of data loss, retrieve unlimited historical versions.

Take advantage of centralized device management and reporting. Our easy-to-use admin console allows you to preconfigure settings while still supporting user preferences. Provision and manage accounts, and access reports about your organization’s use of backup.

Ransomware? Don't Care.

Enterprises like yours lose millions of dollars each year trying to recover lost data due to ransomware and cyber attacks. In most cases, the backlash from these events could've been prevented with secure, reliable backup. 

The FBI recommends regular backups as your #1 defense against ransomware. From day one, SpiderOak will protect your files and data from any future threats, saving you money, minimizing your risk, and saving your IT department weeks of time.

Ransomware protection

Disaster recovery & data loss prevention

Active Directory/ LDAP integration

Centralized device management

Easy-to-use admin console

Scalable & flexible hosting

Onsite training, assisted deployment & Tier 1 Support

No restrictions or time limits

Deploy on-premise for added control

Reduce risk with No Knowledge, end-to-end encryption

Set & enforce policies, manage team permissions

Easy deployment to thousands of machines


HIPAA / FINRA / FIRPA compliant

Protect your endpoints in a BYOD workforce

Sync for each user across all of their devices

Unlimited historical versions

Unlimited storage & devices per user

No need for VPN access because of end-to-end encryption

Every deleted item stored

Your confidential cloud.

More than just backup, SpiderOak for Enterprise gives you, your staff, and organization peace of mind. Finally experience what it's like to work privately and productively in the cloud. You might be surprised at how affordable it can be. Contact us today to get a quote.

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