SpiderOak Consultancy

SpiderOak is synonymous with excellence in secure software. We’ve been designing and building secure-by-default applications that are end-to-end encrypted for over ten years. Today, our software runs on millions of devices. Our customer base is made of consumers, small businesses and some of the largest multi-national organizations and governments in the world.

We demand a world where software is secure by default, and are driven to stop computers and phones from making us vulnerable. We believe that using the internet should be safe, not dangerous, and achieving this requires a global team effort. We now offer consultancy services to help businesses realize the security goals of their projects and systems and help the world continue moving to a secure future. If you're interested in talking, please fill out the form below.


Many security breaches happen through preventable means. SpiderOak champions a “Lean Infosec” approach for fast moving organizations to transform their security posture. This strategy requires minimal security resources and minimizes disruption or slowdown to development and business activities. This is achieved by avoiding common forms of security "busy work" and instead focusing on fundamentals and categorical solutions to the most common sources of security breaches. We also perform network and application vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and help with compliance goals such as PCI, HIPAA, and SOC 2.


Cryptography remains one of the riskiest and most difficult concepts to implement in the real world. SpiderOak’s team of engineers have spend over a decade successfully designing and implementing solutions for real world projects across a variety of devices, products and environments. Whatever your requirements, we are happy to consult, build or provide proven code libraries to help secure your work.


SpiderOak’s disciplined approach to secure software means we have specialized experience in security engineering. Whether you need consultation on threat modeling, operations, code or documentation review, creating a secure software culture, or just security-focused developers, SpiderOak’s engineering consultants can provide guidance, or that extra push to ensure your project is successfully secure.

User Experience

SpiderOak is one of the few security-focused companies with a dedicated in-house design team. Our designers work closely with security-conscious product teams to solve complex UX issues and use design thinking to identify interface vulnerabilities and offer innovative information and operational security solutions.

We think the world deserves security. We'd like to help you with your projects. Please contact us via the form below. The enterprise sales team can also be reached directly at sales@spideroak-inc.com. Thank you!