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Never without it

“I don’t have to worry. No matter what happens to any of my computers, everything is safe. My tax returns, the novel I’ve been writing, my family tree, my photos…safe. Hard drive crash? No problem. I’ll never be without SpiderOak.”

-Nick K.

Only I have the key

“Why do I recommend Spideroak? Because it works - simply put. I set it up and forget about it until it needs to save my hide. Has it saved me? Definitely, yes. I use it because only I have the key to my data.”

-Sean O.

Hours saved

“I had accidentally overwritten a file I had been working on for hours and lost all my changes. Then I realized I had backed up my work on SpiderOak, found my file and restored it from a historical version. Hours of work saved!”

-Peter K.

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