SpiderOak ONE is Private backup for your most important stuff. Always online, always available, across all of your devices.

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SpiderOak ONE is the perfect backup solution for individuals and teams that care about privacy. Spideroak offers backup solutions for one user, groups, and enterprises.

1TB for Only $12 a Month

SpiderOakONE is the leading private backup solution and is 100% Zero Knowledge. Get a ton of space for only $12 a month. Plans starting at $7 a month for 30GB and up to 5TB. Pay monthly or annually. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

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Zero Knowledge

Our systems have Zero Knowledge of your data. In non-technical terms it means that your data is 100% private and only readable by you. No plaintext data, no keys, or file meta data is ever stored on our servers. All this ensures absolute confidentiality of your data.

Never Share Your Keys

When it comes to your data, you should always know who has your keys. Using something like Google Drive, DropBox, or Box? They have your keys which means they can read your data. Someone compromises their systems? You guessed it. They too can read all your data. Pretty scary, huh?

With SpiderOakONE, your files are encrypted long before they cross the internet to our servers. We only store your encrypted data in generalized blocks which means only you can unlock your backup, ever.

SpiderOak Groups

Backup for teams and businesses. Protecting your team's files couldn't be easier. Click the link below and within minutes your system will be configured.

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Scalable and flexible hosting for your company's most important information. Given the scope of SpiderOak Enterprise, click the link below to contact us.

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10 years and counting

We've been the leader in privacy solutions for users just like you since before most people started worrying about online privacy. And we plan to keep true to our principles long into the future.

SpiderOakONE is great for personal or professional use. If you're an IT professional and need privacy solutions for a group, with Active Directory (LDAP) support, or completely behind the firewall, we do that too. Check out our affordable and easy to manage Enterprise Solutions.

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100% Private

With our Zero Knowledge privacy, any file you save on our servers remains 100% private and visible only to you.



Never lose a file, folder or version again. Automatically back up the things you need, on your schedule.



No matter what happens to your laptop, phone or tablet, your data is always safe and accessible.



Stay connected to all of your important files, documents, and photos wherever you go either on your computer or mobile device.


Device Sync

SpiderOakONE makes it easy for you to sync your files data across all your devices. You can even select specific folders.


Always On

SpiderOakONE is always quietly running in the background to ensure your data remains safe and up to date.


Send Files

Create password-protected share rooms and send folders or files to whomever you choose.



We store every version of your files so you can always change your mind and restore a previously saved version of your work.

SpiderOak ONE Backup

Three different storage plans to fit everyone's needs and a 60-day trial as well.



60-Day Trial
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Personal Files
$7 a month
$79 per year



Best Value
$12 a month
$129 per year



$25 a month
$279 per year