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Cloudwards May 14, 2018

Three Dropbox Competitors for Secure Storage

Does straightforward cloud storage really get any better than Dropbox?

It’s a service that’s intuitive, fast, and equipped with an excellent set of features built around usability, syncing, and sharing. Dropbox competitors seem to lag behind this giant in quite a few ways.

We really like Dropbox, but if you want the best security around, it’s time to look elsewhere. [ ... ]

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Popular ScienceJan 22, 2018

SpiderOak ONE offers super-secure online backup and seamless syncing

Cloud storage platforms often trade blows over space and cost. But security should also be a top priority when your personal data is at stake. SpiderOak ONE is considered one of the most secure backup solutions available, with end-to-end encryption on all your files. [ ... ]

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article by Inc. featuring SpiderOak Semaphor


Inc. Oct 6, 2017

AOL Messenger's on the Chopping Block: 4 Steps to Take Now

Now's the time to choose another platform and switch your allegiance.

Are you one of the AOL Instant Messenger remaining fans? The company, part of Verizon's content acquisition strategy, announced today that the platform will disappear as of December 15. Come that day, you will no longer have access and your data will go poof. [ ... ]

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Anonymster April 15, 2017

SpiderOak Review – Encrypted & Secure Cloud Backup Service

SpiderOak is an online full-feature backup product that can sync, access, store and share files in a secure way. It uses a No Knowledge security system to offer you the best security for your stored data, a feature that we shall explain in details later on in this SpiderOak Review.

SpiderOak is based in the U.S, and the company is known for its emphasis on privacy. It differentiates itself from other file-sharing companies by their unique feature of archiving changes and syncing files across multiple devices. [ ... ]

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article by The Daily Dot featuring SpiderOak Semaphor


The Daily Dot Dec 25, 2016

2 Slack replacements that can keep your group messages private

You don’t want to have all your work messages made public, right?

With their expanding integration and customization capabilities, collaboration-messaging apps such as Slack and HipChat have carved themselves a nice niche as indispensable management tools, especially in media and tech companies. [ ... ]

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article by Reveal News featuring SpiderOak Semaphor


Reveal News Dec 8, 2016

How to stay safe online: A cybersecurity guide for political activists

Teresa Shook awoke Nov. 9 to a new reality. The previous night, Republican Donald Trump had staged the biggest political upset of the young century.

Defying the collective wisdom of pollsters and pundits, the former reality TV star had defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to become the next president of the United States. [ ... ]

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article by The Intercept featuring SpiderOak Semaphor


The Intercept Nov 12, 2016

Surveillance Self-Defense Against the Trump Administration

On Tuesday, Americans handed the U.S. presidency to a racist, xenophobic, authoritarian, climate science-denying, misogynistic, revenge-obsessed ego-maniac — and with it control over a vast and all-too-unaccountable intelligence apparatus; and in a speech less than three weeks ago, Trump promised to sue all of the women who have come forward with sexual assault accusations against him. [ ... ]

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Business Wire Oct 17, 2016

Semaphor, the Most Private Collaboration Tool, Now Available for Enterprise

SpiderOak adds Active Directory to its Zero Knowledge messaging and collaboration tool to simplify enterprise on-boarding.

SpiderOak, maker of the world’s most trusted online backup solutions, today announced the availability of Active Directory (LDAP) integration with Semaphor. Built for teams and business who care about security and privacy, Semaphor is a real-time messaging and collaboration tool that offers Zero Knowledge protection for individuals and organizations. Thousands of teams have already started using Semaphor since its release this summer. [ ... ]

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Semaphor article on Daily Dot


The Daily Dot Sept 14, 2016

This Snowden-approved cybersecurity company wants to build a better Slack

‘How do we build a tool that lets me have the same experience I would have if I were in a room in person?’

It took about eight months for Slack to grow from nothing into a billion dollar company. But is the rise of group-chat apps putting organizations at risk? [ ... ]

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article by FossMint featuring SpiderOak


FossMint Sept 2016

SpiderOak – A Secure Cloud-Storage That is all About Privacy

In our day and age, local storage options are gradually becoming a thing of the past and there’s been an ever-growing presence of cloud backup companies offering varying backup services.

The one huge caveat, however, is the fact that most of these cloud-related backup options are not the greatest in terms of maintaining their promise of privacy.

When it comes to backing up your data in the cloud privacy, should always be a priority as encryption, even the strongest form if it just won’t cut it. [ ... ]

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video by Hak5 featuring SpiderOak


Hak5 Aug 24, 2016

Hak5 2026 – DEF CON 24: Warwalking at DEF CON, Semaphor, Mousejack and Keysniffer


TechDirt Aug 3, 2016

The Rise of More Secure Alternatives to Everyone's Favorite Chat App, Slack

Like a ton of people and companies, we've been using Slack here. While we saw some folks claim it was revolutionary, we found it to be a nice, but somewhat marginal, upgrade to our previous use of Skype chat rooms. But, over time, it has certainly gotten comfortable, and there have been some nice feature add-ons and integrations that have made it a pretty cool service overall -- though if you really want to use it to its fullest extent and switch to the paid version, it can get pretty pricey, pretty quickly. I also am in a bunch of other group Slack chats, as it's basically become the platform of choice for group discussions. [ ... ]

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article by Motherboard featuring SpiderOak


Motherboard June 30, 2016

Snowden’s Favorite Cloud Service Now Has a Group Chat App

The cloud service that earned Edward Snowden's trust is now taking on the likes of Slack.

Group chats are such an integral part of many organizations that sharing sensitive information is par for the course, but it's fair to say that the majority of users would prefer it if whatever was discussed in Slack stayed in Slack— forever. And it's not just mild embarrassment at stake. [ ... ]

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article by Neowin featuring SpiderOak


Neowin Feb 10, 2016

SpiderOak brings privacy to team collaboration projects

SpiderOak - a company which emphasises its 'Zero Knowledge' policy - is planning to bring privacy to people working on collaboration projects. Its new project, called Semaphor, is currently in an invite-only phase, but should be available to all in Q1 2016. [ ... ]

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Dark Reading Feb 1, 2016

SpiderOak Semaphor to Give Team Collaboration What It’s Missing: Privacy

In celebration of Data Privacy Day, SpiderOak today announced Semaphor, a new workplace collaboration tool for teams and businesses that care about privacy. General availability for Semaphor is later in the first quarter, and SpiderOak is accepting a limited number of pre-release invitation requests at https://spideroak.com/semaphor.

Semaphor helps teams improve their productivity by keeping members focused, informed, and connected. Teams can join group conversations, private message team members, share files, and install trusted third-party integrations knowing their privacy is protected at every step. [ ... ]

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article by Inc. featuring SpiderOak


Inc. Jan 28, 2016

A Secure Slack Alternative that Edward Snowden Would Love

SpiderOak, the company that Edward Snowden endorsed as secure backup solution, is back with a new solution similar to Slack.

Slack, Hipchat and other collaboration tools are the cool kids these days. And while they do a lot well, almost flawlessly, there's something missing that can cost you your business. [ ... ]

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