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Why an Application Builder?

For years we have been delivering No Knowledge products.
For years our customers have been asking us how they can build their own No Knowledge software.

We finally have an answer.

We are thrilled to announce the Early Access Program for the SpiderOak Trusted Application Platform. Soon our customers will be able to use our Application Builder and their HTML5 skills to build their own end-to-end encrypted, cross-platform, private blockchain applications.

Yes, you read that right; build your own No Knowledge applications with just HTML5.

Have an idea for a project? Can't wait for the app builder to ship?

If you have an immediate need to start planning or building secure applications and it just can't wait, get in touch with us at (816) 298-5653. Or reach out to our sales team members directly below. We can't wait to help you build the future.


Matt Erickson

Director Client Services and Technology

I'm responsible for making sure our technology fits with your needs and pain points, from a long-view industry trends perspective down to actual implementation within your organization. I've been with SpiderOak since 2010 and have dedicated myself to making sure that our customers are able to use our products to accelerate their business while protecting themselves and their customers.

The availability of our platform is a major shift in how the tech industry understands and thinks through security. It's time for secure application design to move from individual companies like us serving specific product niches to something available to anyone building products to do things we haven't imagined yet. I'm excited to help you achieve your goals while keeping your data protected!

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What is the Trusted Application Platform?

The Trusted Application Platform is a complete end-to-end solution for building trustworthy, cross-platform software on an No-Knowledge Blockchain. It is comprised of several different components that all come together to make it easy for you to ship software that you and your customers can depend upon.

The biggest challenge facing computer security today is managing the authority and trust around data and processes. In modern systems, the failure of only a couple points of trust can compromise an entire system. Through the careful application of blockchain technology, it becomes easy to manage access to information, and it drastically limits the number of things an attacker can take advantage of to breach your defenses.

Our own Semaphor is built using the same systems and methodology that goes into the Trusted Application Platform. You can make whatever software you need for your business, safely, with simple HTML5 app building skills.

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