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Newly Arrived – SpiderOak iPhone App

We are very proud and excited to announce the launch of our SpiderOak iPhone application -representing our introduction into the mobile platform. You can find SpiderOak now in the iTunes App Store! Our initial goals for this product were to … [Continue reading]

Introducing the SpiderOak Web API

In our efforts to give back to the community, and create an environment where our customers can use the SpiderOak service how they want to, we have released a document describing the SpiderOak Web API. This is the very same API we use to … [Continue reading]

The Perfect Sandwich

One of the best parts of my day is making my afternoon sandwich. I have grown to consider my sandwich making an artform - one that has been perfected over several years and countless trials. Even the missteps are still edible but they all have … [Continue reading]

Tutorial Videos Anew…

We recently updated our tutorial videos to more accurately review and explain the various functions of the SpiderOak application including Backup, Sync, Share, View (ability to access data across your SpiderOak network, historical versions, download … [Continue reading]

Privacy Does Matter – Or At Least It Should

Far be it from me to challenge one of my colleagues but a friend passed me a recent article that I thought was worthy of a post: Google chief: only miscreants worry about net privacy In reading, it would appear that Eric Schmidt at Google … [Continue reading]

SpiderOak releases lightweight filesystem change notification utilities for Windows, OS X, and Linux (GPLv3)

We've decided to open source our "directory watcher" utilities. These are tiny programs that ship as part of SpiderOak. They are written in C and use native OS specific APIs for obtaining file system change information and reporting it back to the … [Continue reading]

Arrived: SpiderOak Version 3.6… An Evolution

I must admit that Charles Darwin's theory on evolution is one of my favorites. (Another happens to be Newton's law of gravity - the pulling of items to a core - but we can discuss this another time.) What I like about evolution is that it happens all … [Continue reading]

Why and How SpiderOak architecture is different than other online storage services: The surprising consequences on database design from our Zero-Knowledge Approach to privacy.

First, let's consider the design of products like Mozy or SugarSync. On the server they have a database of all of your files. This database includes foldernames, filenames, last modification times, sizes, etc, all plainly readable. Maybe they … [Continue reading]

ShareRoom and Web Login Display Issues in Internet Explorer

We are aware of an issue with Internet Explorer 7 and above that causes the ShareRoom and My Login interface to display incorrectly (just the page header is shown, and the folders/files below are blank). We are working on fixing this for all Internet … [Continue reading]

Can 9 women have a baby in 1 month?

Well the saying goes that if takes 1 woman 9 months to have a baby, then perhaps there might be a way to construct an environment where 9 women can come together to have a baby in just 1 month. However, in this particular case, logic (or illogic … [Continue reading]