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Two-Way Mobile Clients & You

Hello everyone, I've been taking a bunch of requests for two-way functionality from our mobile clients, and I would like to address that. Let me start by saying that I *fully* understand how much of a killer feature that would be for all of us. I … [Continue reading]

SpiderOak: From where does it come?

In an ancient time there existed a tree which the locals referred to as the Spider Oak due to the web-like tentacles that hung from its branches. The tree was known to catch and hold the dreams and hopes of people for safe keeping. Situated on the … [Continue reading]

Why SpiderOak doesn’t de-duplicate data across users (and why it should worry you if we did)

One of the features of SpiderOak is that if you backup the same file twice, on the same computer or different computers within your account, the 2nd copy doesn't take up any additional space. This also applies if you have several versions of a file … [Continue reading]

Introducing SpiderOak Open License – Just in time for School

Over the last several months we have received requests for a version of SpiderOak that could work in compliment to the institutional setting - schools, colleges, universities, research centers, and the like. As the fall is now upon us, we thought it … [Continue reading]

A New Approach to Syncing Folder Deletions

One of goals of SpiderOak sync is that it will never destroy data in a way that cannot be retrieved, even if the Sync happens wrongly.  So, as a design goal, SpiderOak sync will never delete a file or folder that is not already backed up. Every … [Continue reading]

The ‘Forum’: A Nudist Colony waiting to happen…

When we first started SpiderOak I did not know anything about a 'Forum'. In truth, I didn't even know that Forums existed on companies sites as a way for users to interact with each other, share ideas, experiences, and lessons learned. I suppose it … [Continue reading]

The Monthly 100GB Premium account Twitter Contest – Redux!

Here at SpiderOak, we are all about providing a Free, innovative and secure online backup, synchronization, and sharing solution in addition to great service to our customers. However, we also have lighter side. With the release of SpiderOak 3.7 we … [Continue reading]

Netbooks you say? Well there’s a client for that..

When people discussed the future of 'mobile' back in 1999, everything was WAP and cell phone Internet and mobile website development and thin clients. Well at least most of us remember how that 'mobile revolution' changed our lives, or, at the very … [Continue reading]

Android and… THE FUTURE!

In the mobile world here at SpiderOak HQ, there's two things that have some code being laid down already, and they're interrelated. The first is that an Android app is now being actively worked on. Yes, I know we're late to the party. If it's … [Continue reading]

New iPhone Client Entering Beta

2010-07-12 UPDATE: Beta delayed due to additional work required. See below. Hello, your friendly local iPhone developer here. I'm happy to say that the first major revision of our client for the iPhone is now about to enter beta testing. There's … [Continue reading]