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7 Posts –> 7 Days

I have decided to write 7 blog posts over the course of 7 days. Why? When asked why we climb mountains the answer always echos back 'because they are there'. Similarly - I would like to see if it can be done and in which way it will be accomplished. … [Continue reading]

More fun with SSL certificate verification failures

Some of you who tried to access a couple hours ago may have noticed a security warning from your browser complaining about an invalid certificate. Whoops. No, we didn't forget to change the storage certificates again. In fact, the … [Continue reading]

SpiderOak Looking Inward

Over the last several days, the SpiderOak team gathered in Kansas City. Of the many activities during our time together, one particular exercise involved looking internally and thinking about what each of us would improve about SpiderOak. It was left … [Continue reading]

2-Factor Authentication to your SpiderOak Account

We are now offering limited support for 2-Factor Authentication into your SpiderOak account. 2-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of security on top of password protection. In other words, if someone were to compromise your … [Continue reading]

Creating a Grayscale Icon – We’ll Leave That up to You

Through the SpiderOak Vine, we keep hearing that our Mac users would really enjoy a SpiderOak grayscale icon for the toolbar - keeping with the consistency of the overall Mac look & feel. After an internal conversation on the topic, we thought the … [Continue reading]

What are friends for?

It is good to have friends. They are there when you need a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or even to watch your dog for a long weekend. As we think about our friends at SpiderOak, it dawned on us that friends deserved quite a bit given all they … [Continue reading]

Engineering Matters

If recent events in the cloud storage community have taught us anything, it's that Engineering Matters. Features essential to you, to your life, cannot be treated as something to worry about later. We're founded on principles that security and … [Continue reading]

Easter present for owners of Nokia N900 Maemo Phone

We know many of you are open-source enthusiasts like we are, and some of you own a Nokia N900 Linux-Phone like I do. Nokia might forget us, however we didn't. Ever wanted to access all your files from SpiderOak on your Maemo phone? Just direct your … [Continue reading]

Et Tu, DropBox?

Friends, Netizens, Countrymen, lend me your eyes! I come to blog on SpiderOak, not to praise it! The evil that cloud syncs do live after them; the good is oft interred in their bones. So let it be with SpiderOak. The noble DropBox hath told you … [Continue reading]

And The Winners Are…

For many months now we have thought about creating new T-shirts for the company. In our ongoing efforts to make SpiderOak a pleasant experience for you, we simply never had the time to come up with a design ourselves; therefore, we called on the … [Continue reading]