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5 Ways To Boost Your Virtual Office Productivity

For anyone who works from home, you know how a virtual environment presents special challenges - primarily because they are so geographically dispersed like the SpiderOak team. Given that we rarely meet face-to-face, SpiderOak relies on the powers of … [Continue reading]

H.R.1981, the end of online privacy as we know it.

The sponsors of bill H.R.1981 are not stupid people. By naming a bill 'The Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011' they have managed to take a piece of legislation that could be the worst threat to online privacy ever and make it … [Continue reading]

What if your Password was drowning?

Letters. Numbers. Characters. Lowercase. Uppercase. 8. 10. 20. 30 - 60 - 90 days. In this age we are protected as much by passwords, pins, and codes as we are by the civil servants, alarms, or medicines. There is a difference of course - one will … [Continue reading]

Happy WiFi day! 8.02.11, the most exclusive holiday ever!

(Image Credit: IEEE) Your birthday comes around once every year, Halley's comet passes once every 75 years, but WiFi day still takes the cake as the most exclusive holiday. Happening only once on this fine day of August 2nd of 2011 and thus … [Continue reading]

Cheating the System

One of the benefits of this '7 Posts --> 7 Days' project is that I can finally push through some writing that I have put off for far too long. One such story involves a scamming operation we uncovered with our affiliate program about a year ago. As … [Continue reading]

Subdue the blue – It’s up to you

There was a day when all was blue My computer seemed to catch a nasty flu Unsure of what would then transpire My situation was oh so dire What of my pictures from days gone by Birthdays, anniversaries, picnics in July Or music collected over the … [Continue reading]

Another Year – Another Burning Man

The other day I was invited to hear the 'founder' of Burning Man speak about the festival, its origins, and why it has captivated so many over the last 25 years. If you have not been or heard of Burning Man, it is a city that grows overnight in the … [Continue reading]

The ‘Dog’ Post

I was told by the team that I could only write one blogpost about the fuzzy creature that sits beside me at the moment. So - here is my one and only post about my dog. The first topic I would like to discuss are the two circular protrusions which … [Continue reading]

What I’ve learned from a natural expert in customer crisis management

In light of current events such as the AirBNB situation, I've now recognized how fortunate I am having a cofounder who truly understands how to have conversations with customers, especially in the most trying moments. When the first customers … [Continue reading]

A First

Last night I had the honor of serving on my first panel discussion. As you might imagine, it was on the role of the big toe and its relationship to the other four toes it serves. Or - the future of the cloud and where we go from here. There were … [Continue reading]