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SpiderOak IAmA/AUA on

We at are mid-development of a new HTML5 mobile client, have grown quite fast in the last year and feel that it’s once again time for us to chat with people about our dreams, aspirations, plans, technology and service.

Based on this a few of us in the team behind SpiderOak will be answering questions in a AUA post on /r/IAmA on the social news site

For those unfamiliar IAmA is short for “I Am A” and AUA is short for “Ask Us Anything” and describes a post where someone or a group of people answers questions from the reddit community.

We at SpiderOak are doing this as a way of connecting with the community, spread awareness around online privacy, security and cloud storage in general.

We are also happy to hand out 5GB of free storage for life to new signups through code ‘reddit5‘. For the next 48 hours, just sign-up as usual, install the client, set up your first device, click ‘buy more space’ and the code will give you 5GB of free cloud storage for life.

We hope you will take the time to show up and say hello and maybe ask us a question or two! You can find the IAmA post right here.


  1. fcwoitke says:

    Nothing happens after clicking on "buy more space". Using Linux client.

  2. oliverkrystal says:

    Try restarting your client fcwoitke, it worked for me.

    Also, the credit code does not work for me . . . . . my username is the same as the one I am commenting with. Is this because I am not a new user?

  3. rccarroll says:

    I am also in linux, and the "buy more space" button is dysfunctional. I did restart the client, to no avail. Any suggestions?

  4. peter says:

    i put in the promo code and then click update and i get nothing idk why it isnt working

  5. Scott says:

    same here- the page reloads when I hit "update" after entering promo code, but no additional space shows up.

  6. Andrew says:

    same here- no additional "5 gigs" option appears

  7. James says:

    the code appears to reduce the price of 100 gigs by ten dollars a year

  8. Andrew says:

    Update: the correct code is "reddit" not "reddit5"

  9. Scott says:

    "reddit" also no worky

  10. JESUSCHRIST says:

    Use "reddit" and hit upgrade. Once you do that the first drop down menu (monthly plan) should automatically set to "5gb for redditors" then you just select that and "check out" as you would normally for $0. Hope it helps!

    p.s. its a bit sad you dont get to add the 5gb on top of the 2 gb you get for free for signing up. meeeeeh

  11. rccarroll says:

    I have tried reddit5 and reddit, and even reddit10. None of them change anything. For a company to have this many problems on startup doesn't speak well for what is ahead.

  12. rccarroll says:

    tried "reddit" again, and this time it worked. Thanks

  13. Cliff says:

    Can I, as an existing paying user who used the recent "BlackFriday" promo, use this new "reddit" code to add another 5GB of storage?

  14. Daniel @ SpiderOak Inc says:

    @Cliff nope, sorry.

    @All, we had some issues with the 'reddit5' code expiring early so I have extended it until Friday noon. Feel free to try again and we are sorry for the inconveniance.

    @Linuxusers, The latest updates to Ubuntu/Debian caused some havoc with our packaging. We have a new client in our download section that takes care of this.

    Very Best,
    Daniel @ SpiderOak Inc

  15. Edu says:

    Doesn't work no more :(
    too bad i was too late would be usefull to have more storage

  16. shands says:

    I couldnt get it to install then when i finally did after the fourth download on the third day, it wont let me upgrade.

  17. Luis says:

    use code -> reddit
    not reddit5

    monthly billing will then have 5gb free for redditors.

  18. tonjahodgest says:

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