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Privacy Roundup – Oct 19 2012 – 1st Edition

To continually emphasize the importance of privacy in our digital world, we thought we would collect a bunch of posts that we enjoyed on the topic and present them once a week to our readership. This is the first such edition of our ‘Privacy Roundup’ and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas on how and why privacy matters to you. So with no further ado:

Wired – Megaupload Is Dead. Long Live Mega

Network World – Deanonymizing You: I know who you are after 1 click online or mobile call

EFF – Google Under PressureFrom EU Data Commissioners Privacy Policy

EFF – Ad Industry’s Assult on ‘Do-Not-Track’ Continues at the W3C Amsterdam Meeting

Forbes – It’s Terrifying And Sickening That Microsoft Can Now Listen In On All My Skype Calls

Huffington Post – iPhone Privacy: How To Stop Apple And Advertisers From Tracking You On iOS 6

The Hill – Advertisers launch $1 million campaign to combat privacy concerns

And often we will include a post from lesser known but still equally important sources as we have below:

Degraffit Blog – Facebook and Privacy: Are you Lily and James’ Secret Keeper?’

Lastly, we will also try to include a company that we feel is taking a positive stance on privacy and is helping spread the word of why it is important and how we can gain control. This week’s company is:

Privacy Fix

Pease share other posts that you find particular interesting from this past week.

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  1. kyengineer says:

    Privacy has been a core value of my family for years. I did not get a social security number until I was 13. Most people get a social security number soon after they are born.

  2. Drea says:

    I just installed Ghostery and really like it. It's fascinating seeing how many cookies are out there, and from whom.