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Celebrate SysAdmin Day With Us Friday July 27

It’s easy to take a system administrator’s work for granted. Many of us have the expectation that everything we use on a daily basis – from our computers to our company’s internal networks – will work flawlessly. But this is rarely the case. It takes constant effort to make sure that everything operates smoothly and the way we want it to work.

Just because you don’t see the person who maintains the network doesn’t mean that they aren’t there doing the important work involved. We certainly can’t function or do business without their mad skills.

This is why we are going to celebrate SysAdmin Day, and why you should too.

Pay homage to those hard-working server warriors with us this Friday:

All SpiderOak users will be able to play a virtual computer puzzle game. Solving the puzzle will grant players 5 bonus gigs.

Stay tuned, and learn more about SysAdmin Day in the meantime…


  1. Poundsmack says:

    Love it! Can't wait to earn 5 free gigs! As a SysAdmin, this is my favorite day of the year (also the day I email everyone in the company with a link to my Amazon wish list). ….Subsequently, it's also the day I receive the most random office supplies which are supposedly "gifts" ….

  2. Stephen1424 says:

    Not to be greedy but will this stack on the 4th deal ?

    I'll still love you guys either way !

  3. Chip says:

    It is a 5GB bonus on top of any amount you already have.

  4. question says:

    where do you get the game at?