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Easter present for owners of Nokia N900 Maemo Phone

We know many of you are open-source enthusiasts like we are, and some of you own a Nokia N900 Linux-Phone like I do. Nokia might forget us, however we didn’t.

Ever wanted to access all your files from SpiderOak on your Maemo phone? Just direct your Maemo-browser to this installer file and install our new mobile client!

The client is written in 100% pure python, includes source code and uses our web-api. It might also give you a good starting point if you want to develop a SpiderOak-Application on your own.

Happy Easter!


  1. dominik says:

    Thank you! This is really great! I am even more happy to be a paying customer of spideroak!

  2. Bash Vi says:

    Thx guys! This is a really great present! Love it :)

  3. first time caller says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll be trying it out tonight!

  4. DaveQB says:

    Thank you for this. looking forward to taking it for a spin.

  5. mentalo says:

    great! switching from dropbox right now.

  6. k-wise says:

    Thanks for support, will download and try now!

  7. Neko says:

    This is fantastic – I am definitely going to try out SpiderOak now.

  8. Ivan says:

    You guys rule!! I'm immediately switching to spideroak and getting a premium account!!

  9. travla says:

    Thank you for supporting Maemo, I will be taking a look at your premium services.

  10. IllTemperedSampo says:

    This works great for the use case mentioned above, that is to see files backed up through OTHER machines from N900. But, does it allow one to backup/sync files stored on N900? I'm unable to do that.

  11. eman says:

    Oh, very nice. This is now top of my list of online storage services to evaluate!

  12. Neko says:

    @IllTemperedSampo – yes, I've just tried it out and unless I'm missing something, it's just for grabbing files that have been backed up on your desktops and laptops etc. manually. A pity because I was hoping to use it for sync, but it's certainly a good start – maybe if enough of us are downloading it, SpiderOak will add functionality to it?

    At the very least, it includes python sources so maybe someone who is better at python than I am could improve it.

  13. merge says:

    thanks so much!!! I'll stay with SpiderOak :)

  14. Steve says:

    Insta-install. Agree that sync would be great, but something is better than nothing! Thanks!

  15. Richard says:

    great thanks awsome

  16. colan says:

    Thanks for supporting the client. This worked fantastically until the most recent updates. Now it doesn't start. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  17. Frank says:

    @colan I'm sorry to hear that! Would you mind sending me an email to frank at

  18. mo says:

    Awesome job! This is another reason why I started telling my friends that they should use SpiderOak instead of Dropbox – you're great! Now please add sync functionality and this will be the greatest application EVER :D

  19. Martin says:

    "The client is written in 100% pure python, includes source code and uses our web-api. It might also give you a good starting point if you want to develop a SpiderOak-Application on your own."

    I don't have a maemo-device, I don't know the exact path where the source-files are stored for apt, and likes to give a 403 on every folder except the slackware one. Could you please publish the source somewhere?

  20. Morten says:

    Love it !!!
    Any chance it'll work on the Nokia N9 ??

    I'd love to give it a try but (like martin) I can't access the files on

  21. Shudhanshu mishra says:

    I hve a nokia n900 but now I am struggling wth a problem in my phone. At the tme of open it shows communication error and then phone is connecting wth sim .. Show me some way to sought it out..

  22. Lutz says:

    The very moment you bring me a meego/nokia n9 app, I sign up….

  23. Tmu says:

    Still wanting N9 / meego app.
    Next phone will be Jolla (or Tizen) so meego is still wanted.