Welcome, Wuala Users! Enjoy 10% OFF Yearly Plans

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This handy guide will help you make the transition from Wuala to SpiderOak. Use promo code wuala when you sign up and enjoy 10% off any annual plan. For our most popular 1TB plan, this means you only end up paying $9.70/month.

Are SpiderOak and Wuala anything alike?

Actually, yes. Just like on Wuala, SpiderOak encrypts all your files on your computer before they are ever sent to our servers, so it’s physically impossible for us to read your data or know what you're even storing our our servers (learn more about our Zero Knowledge privacy and check out our encryption specifications). We pioneered Zero Knowledge privacy in the cloud in 2007. SpiderOak also allows you to login to our website or via our mobile app and access all your files from anywhere in the world. BUT, while Wuala costs $12 for 100 GB/month, $12 a month typically gets you 1 TB of storage on SpiderOak.

How do I get started on SpiderOak?

First, you’ll need to download the SpiderOak application on your computer.

During installation, SpiderOak will ask you for your email address and a password. Make sure to remember this password and set a hint, because if you lose the password there’s no way for us to retrieve it or reset it for you, even in an emergency!

And remember to use the promo code wuala when you select your yearly plan.

When the SpiderOak application launches, you can start selecting files on this computer for backup. To add more computers to your account, simply download the SpiderOak application on any computers you’d like to add.

How do I sync my files on SpiderOak?

There are two ways to sync files on SpiderOak. First, you can use Hive, which works a lot like Dropbox. Drag and drop any files you want to back up and sync into Hive, and we’ll make sure they’re synced to Hive on all your other devices.

You can also sync any files without moving them into Hive. In the SpiderOak application, open the Sync tab and click New to select any two folders that are backed up to SpiderOak and sync them.

Can I still share my files on SpiderOak?

You can share files in two ways on SpiderOak: you can create a Share Room or share a single file with a download link. You can create the a Share Room by opening the Share tab in SpiderOak and clicking New. To share a single file, open the Manage tab, click the file you want to share, and then click Link to generate a link you can send to anyone.

I still have questions! What can I do?

Check out our support page for commonly asked questions, startup guides, and everything you need to learn how to use SpiderOak.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at support@spideroak.com and we’ll help you out.