Release Notes for 17 July 2015: SpiderOakONE 6.0

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  • Modernized look and feel of UI on Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • New name: SpiderOakONE (We also provide a SpiderOak backup and sync product for Groups and another for Enterprise. This name change was necessary to reduce confusion going forward.)
  • New branding consistent with (new logo, icons, etc.)
  • Mac OS X now uses an installer rather than a drag-and-drop install.
  • New feature: Clear Upload Queue. In case you change your mind about uploading that Blu-ray disc image
  • Automatic recovery from time traveling clients. You probably don't need to worry about this if you don't use SpiderOak inside a virtual machine with snapshots that you restore to. Time travel is the situation when, for example, the client moves "back in time" relative to the server. For example if you run SpiderOakONE inside a Virtual Machine and then restore that Virtual Machine to an earlier snapshot, then continue using the earlier snapshot. In this case, the server is now "ahead" of the client. The client has already backed up newer versions of things that it now no longer knows about. The client will detect this situation and wait up to 24-36 hours in case the user soon returns to the later snapshot. If the time travel situation persists, the client will automatically re-sync with the server and continue the backup without interruption. In this scenario, files that were created exclusively in the "future" VM snapshot would be preserved by SpiderOak as deleted items.
  • Updated SpiderOak Hive startup guide.
  • Improvements to space accounting.
  • Upgraded toolchain with updates to Qt, PyQT, Python and OpenSSL.
  • Along with the new name, paths to executables have changed. On Linux systems a symlink is placed in the previous location so cron jobs and such will continue to operate.
  • Similarly, names of some Windows registry keys have changed.
  • Application data has moved depending on OS: Mac uses ~/Library/Application Support/SpiderOak if you've been a user prior to 6.0 and ~/Library/Application Support/SpiderOakONE if you started with 6.0. Linux uses ~/.config/SpiderOakONE, and Windows uses %LOCALAPPDATA%\SpiderOak\SpiderOakONE.
  • Some under the hood changes paving the way for new features in 6.1.
  • Fix to Windows MSI installer to disallow installing the 32 bit application alongside a 64 bit application.
  • Fixed an issue on Linux that would sometimes prevent multiple users of a local machine from using SpiderOak concurrently.
  • Retired support for Mac OS X Lion (10.7). Current Mac OS X is 10.10, and allegedly only 0.04% of Mac users are currently 3 major OS versions behind.
  • Improved system-tray icon with smoother animation.
  • The "Scan Now" button has a new progress indicator.
  • The backup activity field on HOME tab shows the "Upload complete" time again.
  • Fix: Fix storage-space display for users with unlimited storage-space.
  • Fix: Button "empty deleted items" didn't work.
  • Fix: UI didn't start for some users with old user accounts without an email address.
  • Fix: Windows: convert old "SpiderOak" autostart setting to new "SpiderOakONE" autostart setting.
  • Fix: Client failed to start with some invalid backup selections.
  • Fix: Windows: The client sometimes opened multiple browser windows.
  • Fix: Windows: Sometimes there was a delay when right clicking on files in Windows Explorer.
  • Several visual improvements.

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