Backup Options for Organizations

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SpiderOak offers three levels of service for businesses, non-profits, and other organizations:

  • Groups is designed for small and medium businesses of 10 or more users and provides a hosted Management Console for easy setup and administration.

  • Enterprise is the flexible enterprise-grade backup solution for larger organizations of 100 users or more. It includes all the features of Groups with an on-premise Management Console that can be integrated with the Active Directory or LDAP services your business already uses.

  • Enterprise On-Premise is meant for organizations of 500 users or more that want complete end-to-end, physical control over their backed up data. Both the Admin Management Console and stored data are housed locally on the Enterprise On-Premise customer's infrastructure. If you believe Enterprise On-Premise is right for your organization, please contact us here.

Zero Knowledge:

The Management Console’s key escrow service is what separates SpiderOak Groups and Enterprise from our consumer offering. Unlike SpiderOakONE, where authentication and encryption are intrinsically linked, the Management Console virtual appliance enables your organization to decouple them. Instead of deriving keys from the user’s password, SpiderOak Groups and Enterprise generate a random key, escrowing it against the Management Console using a public-key infrastructure maintained on the virtual appliance. This enables administrators to access user accounts without the use of a password while still preventing SpiderOak from being able to decrypt user data.

The Management Console:

The Management Console is the central hub of SpiderOak backup in your organization. It provides two major services: authentication and user management, and local encryption key escrow. With it, you can provision and manage accounts, set group policies and permissions, and gain oversight into your environment from the Management Console's easy-to-use web interface. This Linux-based virtual appliance is the key that allows SpiderOak to retain our innovative Zero Knowledge security model concerning your organization’s data while allowing you full control over both data and user account management.