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How to recover your files after a ransomware attack

Preventing ransomware attacks can be difficult, but with SpiderOak, backing up your data and getting your files back is easy.

What is Ransomware?

If ransomware is a term that you've been hearing lately, but don't quite understand, here's a quick intro for you...

Your life for sale on the dark web - Part 2

The terrified couple had more bad news coming their way. No one would ever be caught or charged with this theft.

Your life for sale on the dark web - Part 1

It was terrifying to realize someone had stolen information with the specific intention of creating a complete picture of their lives...

The Biggest Data Breaches of 2017 (So Far…)

It feels like data breaches are a fact of digital life, and they seem to be getting bigger and more frequent. And while most companies...

Hipchat hacked, following Slack - only proving the need for end-to-end encryption

Slacking on encryption will always come back to bite you. That's the lesson we've seen over and over the past few years. This week's hack...

The two types of personal data

You should be very aware that letting a company profile and data mine you is absolutely undesired, and even dangerous.

Missing the point: Your ISP, internet privacy laws & trust

Many people are upset about the roll back of internet privacy laws, and they should be. But you can reduce the need to trust your ISP and...

Traveler's Beware: Tips to Avoid Scams & Fraud

Attackers exploit the unknown - you're in environments and situations which are not familiar, and they know it. Here are some simple ways...

Turning a scary backup story into a small inconvenience...

All of these people nearly lost their most important files, but thanks to SpiderOak, a potential disaster turned into a small inconvenience.

Start your privacy journey today - Part 1

In honor of World Backup Day, let's talk about ways you can stay protected online, from your online searches to backing up your files.

World Backup Day: What files matter to you most?

Plus, learn how to get a sweet deal: Unlimited Backup for $149/year or $17/month. Just for you!

4 encryption predictions for 2017

In 2017, cryptography is a tool you should consider to enhance security and trust in your brand.

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