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Why Privacy Matters to All of Us

When Americans learned about the NSA mass surveillance program, only a fraction of online users took the necessary steps to...

How Does Zero Knowledge Protect My Privacy?

Companies around the world fail to make their customers’ privacy a major priority. In fact, the more information they can...

SpiderOak Upgrades Zero Knowledge Backup Solution and Closes Series A Round

Privacy solutions company SpiderOak today launched SpiderOakONE, the latest major release of its popular Zero Knowledge backup solution.

SpiderOak's Refer-a-Friend Program

Recently we've had some big changes are are excited for even more in the coming months. We are currently...

Privacy is a Knife

It’s the never-ending debate: Privacy v. Security. Our security officer talks about the recent Germanwings pilot who crashed...

Encryption is the 2nd Amendment for the Internet

Encryption is how privacy-conscious Internet users fight back and protect themselves online

SpiderOak Mobile App: Fun with Internationalization

As we release our mobile app with support for six languages - English (two dialects), French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish...

We're hiring a new Marketing Manager

SpiderOak is looking for a great Marketing Manager who knows both B-to-B and B-to-C marketing. 

Happy World Backup Day: Why We Love Our Customers

As anyone who’s ever worked a customer service job will tell you, working with people is not always a joy. That’s why I feel so lucky that..

Prevent getting locked out of your account

There’s nothing worse than having faithfully backed up your files, then realizing you can’t actually access them when you need them. Do this

Increasing Transparency Alongside Privacy - 2014 Report

View the latest Transparency Report for all activity over our last calendar year. We are proud to stand behind out commitment in...

Status Report (February 11, 2015)

PGP Signature and Status Report for 2015...

Announcement: New SpiderOak Pricing for 2015

This is the first pricing change we've ever made since we started in 200). Now get more space for less money with these...

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