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4 encryption predictions for 2017

In 2017, cryptography is a tool you should consider to enhance security and trust in your brand.

Job posting: Graphic/Visual Designer

We are looking for a talented graphic designer who is passionate about our cause and can help us take our brand presence to the next level..

Vault 7 hypothesis: Encryption is working

Security is a game where one of the most effective tools defenders have is to drive up the risk and cost for attackers...

Why we will no longer use the phrase Zero Knowledge to describe our software

Kissing Zero Knowledge goodbye! (But not really…let us explain)

Hard Drive Encryption: Device security you need to consider

Information on hard drive encryption and how to increase local device security

Status Report, February 2017

Status Report, February 2017

Data Privacy Day: Lessons on security from your teen

When will parents get good crypto?

Privacy Tools You Should Start Using Today

Want to take more control of your online privacy? 12 easy tools that can empower you for Data Privacy Day this week.

Survey: More than 75 Percent of Employees Are Using Unsanctioned Group Chat Tools

SpiderOak survey of enterprise employees finds that IT and leadership are the largest offenders of using unsanctioned group chat tools...

Ransomware: Your #1 Threat Online & How to Defend Yourself

“The past 12 months have seen ransomware reach a new level of maturity and menace..." What can you do? It's actually simple.

Tech companies & The long tradition of lying about encryption

At the heart of the issue is the difficulty for end users to decipher the terms cloud vendors use to describe their security...

Internet (Rightly) Freaks Out When Evernote Admits Employees Can Read Your Notes

Evernote announced updates to their privacy policy that will roll out in January to its 200 million users globally. You can't opt out of...

5 ways CIOs/CISOs can easily increase web security with encryption

This is a short guide intended for CISOs, CIOs, or CMOs who are not programmers, but want to quickly improve security AND SEO...

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