Your right to privacy

Most people don't care about privacy. We do.

Backup is so 2006

Back then computer backup was mostly focused on local storage – a tape drive, CD-ROM, or local network servers. The few cloud storage companies that did exist, didn't want to build solutions for, or understood the growing vulnerability of the cloud.

We wanted a choice and we believe you should have a choice too. Storing private data in the cloud requires an inconvenient devotion to balancing security and usability. Now, every project we undertake begins with Zero Knowledge design and continues through protecting your information from discovery, in transit, and then at rest. From evaluating the latest threat models, to building surveillance resistant systems, we believe products from SpiderOak are the most reliable, innovative, and private you, your team, or large entperise can deploy and use.

Only the user shall own keys

Like most of our team, our founder Alan Fairless has been interested in connectivity and cryptography their entire life. Our baseline premise is the user alone holds the key to decrypt their data. Data shall never be transmitted or stored in a non-encrypted state and we never store the encrypted data along with its keys except on the user's computer. Academia calls this strategy Zero Knowledge. We like to call it common sense.

Our team is both very diverse and has a good number of power users, so it was important from the very beginning to support the operating systems we use: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS. And since a good number of us also had multiple computers on our desk, we include multi-device sync and ways to send files in your backups to others.

Grow unconventionally

We’ve grown organically, and more than a million people just like you have downloaded SpiderOak. Owning your future usually means you have to do things unconventionally. That's the only way we know and are widely recognized for being different.


Serving pro-privacy supporters

We owe so much to people like you. Our supporters are most often the most tech-savvy conscious privacy advocates from around the world. It's a pretty tough crowd and our products are better because of it. We have a big vision for the future, for the way we can revolutionize the way we do business and live and work online when it comes to privacy.

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