Welcome to the WhiteLabel Program.

Your own branding. Your own pricing. Your own revenue stream.

Build your own brand awareness on our platform.

The WhiteLabel Partnership Program provides an opportunity to integrate your branding into the SpiderOak application while providing the flexibility to implement your own pricing strategy. With this approach, you can leverage SpiderOak’s powerful tools to sell directly into your customer base - building your overall brand awareness and providing an important additional revenue stream.

Different strokes for different folks

As each partner is different and so are the potential pricing strategies. We like to work with each partner to ensure the pricing makes the most sense for you, your end users, and our partnership as a whole.

One size does not fit all... so let’s find the perfect fit for you

If you would like to learn more, please send an email to whitelabel@spideroak.com and we can schedule a time to connect. In the email message, please send us a brief overview of your company and projections on potential growth over the next few months to a year. The more information you provide regarding your current customer base, growth patterns, and support, the more we will be able to better understand your needs and determine the best fit.

We look forward to hearing from you and forging a lasting and prosperous relationship!

We look forward to hearing from you
And setting forth on growth
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