Defining the Cloud

There is much chatter these days about the emerging 'cloud'. How are we to understand it? How do we use it in our daily lives? Ultimately, what do we gain from these large puffy masses moving effortlessly across the sky? The meaning of the cloud - rather poetically - has been nebulous. That is - until now.

SpiderOak has created a way to bring the cloud into full view - shaping and organizing it into a tool that can help make daily life more efficient. We call this approach 'Living the CloudLife' and it is based on four main principles:

  • Backing up and Storing all of your data - regardless of platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) or remote device (external hard-drive, network volume, USB key)
  • Synchronizing and/or Sharing any combination of folders across any combination of machines
  • Accessing all the data you have stored from any machine throughout your network
  • Consistently maintaining 'zero-knowledge' privacy

All of these factors play an important role in making the cloud useful; however, none of these more so than the last. It has become the rule that when you employ an online utility - you have to sacrifice the security and privacy of your data. This was unacceptable to us and against what we believed to be the core principle in 'Living the CloudLife'.

As such, with great effort and concern, SpiderOak allows its users to gain the true benefits of the cloud - backup, sync, sharing, and access - while still maintaining a private life. This is the way we feel the cloud should be. Welcome to the CloudLife!

To read more on our 'zero-knowledge' privacy - please click here.