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SpiderOak Share provides a secure way to exchange and sync your files using No Knowledge Encryption. This allows you to freely share even your most sensitive data.

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Secure your projects

Collaborate on files and sync documents with multiple users using No Knowledge encryption built on SpiderOak’s private blockchain platform.

Data exchanged on the Share platform cannot be intercepted in transit, stolen from our servers, or even accessed by SpiderOak.

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Best in Class Security

End-to-end encryption and private blockchain technology keep your data safe.

Unlimited Version Control

Automatically retains every version of every file.

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Centralized Team Management

Team administrator controls file deletion, folder creation, and user privileges.

Selective Sharing

Share files with your entire team, a select group, or an individual.

Unparalleled Security with No Backdoors

SpiderOak Share gives your team secure file sharing and collaboration. Read more about the technology behind Share.

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Share, sync, and collaborate with teammates on different operating systems.

Hosted or On-Premise

SpiderOak Share is available for both on-premise deployment or hosted as a service.

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Instant Notifications

Get a notification whenever anyone updates a shared file or folder.

Full Mobile Functionality

Download, view and upload files from your mobile device for complete continuity.

Get notified when Share gets released

SpiderOak Share will be available in 2019. Sign up below to get the updates and apply for our beta testing partner program, including preferential pricing at launch.

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