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New design. New languages. Always private. Upgrade to the all-new SpiderOak ONE.

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SpiderOak ONE is the perfect backup solution for individuals and teams that care about privacy. Spideroak offers backup solutions for one user , groups and enterprises both hosted an on-premise.

Easy Setup

With just a few clicks, you can setup SpiderOakONE to backup your most important files. You can pick entire categories of files, or any particular file or folder on your computer. SpiderOakONE also includes a default sync folder called Hive, that makes it easy to see your files across all your devices without complicated setup.

Restore Historical Versions

Restore Historical Versions

Historical Versions

Changed your mind and need an earlier version of your file? SpiderOakONE is always keeping track of your historical versions for you. If you want the version of a particular files from three months ago, it's right there. Click download and the file is copied then decrypted onto your computer. Unlike some services, we call all your history and it's stored online so you can get going again.

Always Protected

Like your best friend, SpiderOakONE is protecting what's important to you. Leave your Backup to work automatically, or configure to your own schedule. When you're online, your files will get saved for you automatically. Sync folders and even files between multiple computers. Share files and folders from your backup with others.

Restore Historical Versions


Available in Five Languages

You asked, we listened. Our latest version of SpiderOakONE can be adjusted to Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Russian.

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SpiderOakONE 6.1.5

Completely new design, better browsing, localized support, faster performance and always Zero Knowledge 100% Private. Available on Windows, Linux, and MacOS with compatibility with SpiderOak on iOS and Android. Affordable plans including 1TB online backup for only $12 a month.

Verison 6.1.5 Release Notes

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