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On today's social networks, you are the product. Privacy gets in the way of advertising-led business models. Not on Kloak. The Zero Knowledge design means everything is encrypted with your password before the data leaves your device. Meaning SpiderOak can never mine, snoop, sell, or share your data with anyone.

Privacy, Meet Usability

Control your social circle and personal profile with Kloak Contact Cards. Once you set up your profile, you are assigned a special QR code on your contact card. Upload your friends' Kloak Cards to add them to your network or use the QR code reader to scan the card from your phone. How to Add Friends (Video)

 kloak card


Protected Location

Unlike other social media networks, Kloak does not share your location with external services. When posting on your timeline, you can add your location and Kloak will display a location within a four-mile radius of where you are.

Always Private

SpiderOak Kloak provides a Zero Knowledge social networking experience for you and your friends. Post pictures, thoughts, weekend plans, and more without compromising your privacy or revealing information to third parties.


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Beta now available in the Google Play Store and iTunes.