Semaphor is now free to use

As the world deals with the COVID-19 virus, many companies are faced with the challenges of remote work for the first time. SpiderOak is pleased to offer Semaphor free of charge to any organization, group, family, or individual who needs secure group messaging and file sharing.

We built Semaphor because, as a distributed team, we needed a way to communicate without the risks of email or off-the-shelf collaboration tools. We made Semaphor, group messaging with private blockchain encryption.


Get started using Semaphor by filling out this form. You'll receive an email verification; after confirming you want to receive emails from us we will send three emails over the next week to help you get up and running with Semaphor, understand remote work best practices, and hear how SpiderOak's distributed team works. 

SpiderOak will use the information you entered to contact you and provide updates and marketing. To be included, please select "Yes, I want to subscribe" below.

Messaging with transparency and trust

Semaphor gives you secure group messaging for your most sensitive data. End-to-end encryption with private blockchain technology protects your private company communication and your everyday work.

  • No-Knowledge Collaboration

    Our No Knowledge philosophy is the cornerstone of everything SpiderOak does. Your data in Semaphor is protected by private blockchain technology and end-to-end encryption. This means that all data is encrypted before it leaves your device and no data is visible or accessible to any SpiderOak employees. Only the members of your team have access to your data.

  • Mobile-First Design

    Semaphor 2.0 has been completely redesigned for usability and simplicity. Create teams and channels, send messages and files, all within an easy to use interface. Semaphor's mobile first design gives you full functionality no matter which of your devices you access it from.

  • Cross Platform Support

    Download and install Semaphor on all of your computers and mobile devices. Supported platforms include Windows, macOS, Linux (beta), iOS, and Android.

  • Peer Reviewed Code

    With something as important as your security and data at stake, you need the ability to verify how our products work. You can download and review Semaphor's source code here.

    View Semaphor's software licenses here.

    View Semaphor's 3rd party licenses here.

Premium design backed by the world's best support team

Semaphor is now free to use! All teams include unlimited message and file retention, unlimited file sharing, a single file size limit of 2 GB, and unlimited channels and messages.

Semaphor Pricing


Per user, per month.

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