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Secure Remote Telework

SpiderOak’s CrossClave is the highly secure tool that unlocks the world of telework to organizations dealing with sensitive information that can’t be put at risk.





Securing Telework & Remote Access

Telework and remote access, once curiosities in the business world, have rightly become leading business models in the 21st century. Companies reap advantages such as reduced overhead and increased workforce optimization. But their most significant gain is flexibility for business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Secure Digital Intellectual Property

When reliance on centralized locations is reduced or removed, employees can continue critical functions from remote locations enabling businesses to run smoothly through hazardous weather, transit strikes, or public health concerns, thus ensuring operations in the most trying of times.

But remote connectivity has remained tantalizingly out of reach for organizations which rely on accessing or creating highly sensitive data for their daily operations. Without secure telework options, remote employees are forced to brave hazardous conditions and risk sensitive data to keep the organization informed and working smoothly.


SpiderOak’s CrossClave is ready to bring telework to companies with challenging security demands. CrossClave ensures confidentiality, integrity, access and authority, without trusting infrastructure. This zero-trust approach means valuable information assets are safe and secure regardless of where they are accessed or created.

Telework and Security

Traditional cybersecurity has been focused on the security of a physical location, the network there, and the endpoints connected to that network, but telework, intended to be independent of location and network, has necessarily focused on the security of the endpoint. VPNs and hardware-based login solutions have been employed but telework has often operated on the honor system. For organizations required to prove chains of custody, or who handle critical information for a business, an entirely new security solution is required to unlock the benefits of telework.

Enter SpiderOak's CrossClave

CrossClave de-trusts the network, servers, and administrators. Instead of trying to awkwardly extend the former security measures beyond their effective range, CrossClave protects each individual user and their data no matter where they are. It does this with key management for identity, blockchain for irrefutable authority, a powerful policy engine for managing role- and attribute-based access controls, and finally, endpoint-to-endpoint encryption for data. When the policy engine is configured to precisely reflect the desired authority and access scheme for an organization, CrossClave is then capable of providing a highly secured virtual enclave supporting team collaboration activities, secure file storage, and secure file transmission suitable for even the most critical business documents, meetings, or topics of discussion.

And it does this all while remaining lightweight; CrossClave needs only client software installed on the user devices and access to the Internet. The backend can be stood up easily and quickly either on-prem, or on AWS servers. An entire team can transition to CrossClave in moments. Users download CrossClave from the SpiderOak website or mobile app stores, install it, create an identity, and are added to their organization’s team. From there they can create their own spaces for sharing files and chatting with colleagues, or join spaces created by others. CrossClave does not require centralized deployment, meaning that it can be deployed after-the-fact to allow for ad-hoc telework.

Operate on Any Network

SpiderOak is on a mission to Protect The World’s data. Our Secure Communication & Collaboration products leverage Zero-Trust Distributed Data Enclaves to ensure the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of your most sensitive data in any environment. We know that no one knows your security and communication needs like you do, so please reach out to us and let us know how we can build the solution that addresses your challenges.
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