secure multinational collaboration

Secure Multinational Collaboration

SpiderOak's CrossClave enables teams to quickly create an agile, secure communication network from nothing but the locally available infrastructure and commonly available equipment.





Securing Multinational Collaboration

Multinational operations are no longer the sole domain of the Fortune 500. Companies large and small leverage the global supply chain to design, produce and deliver products and services to market with a speed and economy heretofore impossible. The lifeblood of this engine is information, the ability to communicate and collaborate across regions and borders with employees, partners and suppliers is what keeps everything moving.

The challenge is security; how to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of strategic data assets and communications as they traverse the global communications network – much of which is not secured.

CrossClave For Multinational Collaboration

CrossClave is a secure communications and collaboration solution designed to meet the exacting security requirements of today’s global companies. Leveraging both Distributed Ledger and No Knowledge Encryption CrossClave ensures the confidential data sources you depend on to drive efficiencies remain confidential.

Ease of Use

CrossClave is built on the SpiderOak Platform, which is designed to run on just about any smartphone, deploy in thirty minutes or less anywhere there is a network to connect team members, wherever they may be, to the rest of the world. With CrossClave, an engineer located in San Diego CA can securely communicate and explain design specifications to a production manager in the United Arab Emirates, using nothing but their personal phone and the local library wi-fi, even when discussing critical information such as trade secrets. Because CrossClave supports IoT deployments, teams can easily integrate unmanned equipment and sensor data into their decision support process.

CrossClave Security

CrossClave provides first-in-class security, high assurances of authority and integrity, all in a user-friendly, feature rich communication and collaboration environment. Users can safely share any file type, chat with any team member, or even call with the same exceptional security for each method of communication and the same ease of use and performance you have come to expect from business and mission critical applications. CrossClave gives users absolute confidence in the safety and integrity of your contract, personnel information, business, intellectual property, program and other sensitive data across all networks and devices.

Deploying CrossClave in an Organization

CrossClave requires only client software installed on the user devices and access to the Internet. An entire team can transition to CrossClave in moments. Users download CrossClave from the SpiderOak website or mobile app stores, install it, create an identity, and are added to their organization’s team. From there they can create their own spaces for sharing files and chatting with colleagues, or join spaces created by others. Spaces do not require administrator oversight, thus reducing the number of users with access to key intellectual property who do not work directly with it.

Operate on Any Network

SpiderOak is on a mission to Protect The World’s data. Our Secure Communication & Collaboration products leverage Zero-Trust Distributed Data Enclaves to ensure the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of your most sensitive data in any environment.
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