Secure Digital Intellectual Property

A Zero Trust IP Collaboration Solution For Businesses With Zero Tolerance For Risk

Intellectual property is a prime asset in a tech-forward economy. Sharing it securely is a critical ability that can be the difference between flying and floundering.

Keeping your intellectual property out of harm’s way

Securing Intellectual Property

Distributed production in the 21st century often means global sourcing of materials and workforce, with design and manufacturing occurring in different countries or even different continents. Composites might be manufactured in Taiwan to specifications defined by a Canadian parent company, and then fabricated in India before being delivered to Washington state.

Global organizations require the exchange of sensitive information inside and outside of the business. However, sharing intellectual property such as trade secrets or product designs across borders and networks risks IP theft or infringement.

There’s no insurance that can mitigate the risk presented by IP theft. Having a secure and collaborative platform that is hardened against external and internal threats and can be used to safely share IP is a critical component of the global manufacturing landscape.

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Provides end-to-end protection of IP through the entire collaboration value chain

SpiderOak’s Secure Intellectual Property Sharing Solution is custom designed to completely protect intellectual property during transit from secured endpoint to secured endpoint, even when the internet between the endpoints is unsecured. The solution also enforces need-to-know access so that only those users with permission can create, modify and use the IP in the course of their workday.

Those with no need for access have no insight, even if they administer the system. The Secure IP Sharing solution provides the protection necessary for secured distributed supply chains by completely changing the security paradigm.

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Arm your Intellectual Property and put it to work in any environment

Unlike Other IP Sharing Environments

Traditional IP security has focused on the protection of the infrastructure, with less concern for equipping the actual IP or confidential data sources with the ability to fend off attacks on their own.

These systems resemble a castle that has high walls around the perimeter but limited security on the inside (as those within the castle are presumed to be trustworthy). Just like a castle, extending the walls to include a distributed workforce is time-consuming and expensive, and exposes structural security vulnerabilities that can quickly be exploited to exfiltrate or expose data.

Work collaboratively on files. Cloud-based storage so you never lose changes and always stay in sync with your team.

Mobile apps have additional security features to ensure data remains confidential: pin unlock, fully encrypted data on disk, and emergency erase.

A Zero-Trust cryptographically secure collaboration environment for your most sensitive IP

Secure IP Sharing uses a Zero-Trust model that relies on coded messages: the messages can only be read by those with the means of decoding the message on the other end. The means for decoding is a shared key that identifies the users negotiating the code (who are therefore authorized to use it to decode an encrypted file), and the code itself.

Even if both the key and the message were to be acquired, the key itself would be useless as it would not be bound to a user external to the negotiation. By using this encryption scheme, Secure IP Sharing protects each individual user and their data no matter if they are working on secured or unsecured infrastructure.

SpiderOak gives users absolute confidence in the safety and integrity of your contract, personnel information, business, intellectual property, program and other sensitive data across all networks and devices.

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Arm your Intellectual Property and put it to work in any environment

Using Secure IP Sharing, an engineer in Wisconsin can confidentially send blueprints for proprietary parts to their manufacturing hub without risk of exposing those blueprints to copycat producers. Furthermore, by leveraging Secure IP Sharing’s Distributed Ledger/Blockchain capabilities, the manufacturing facility can trust that there has been no modification to designs or specifications by anyone other than those authorized to make them. By using unique keys to define identity, Secure IP Sharing ensures that one person cannot present themselves as multiple people, or that identities cannot be spoofed within the system.

Additional security measures include:

  • An irrefutable ledger of events within the system – if data in one ledger does not match data in another, the system will fail safe.
  • A safety net to prevent users from providing information to those without a need for it.
  • A flexible, programmable, and powerful policy engine that provides technological enforcement for nearly all of the requirements and regulations governing data security throughout your organization.

Deployment is simple and fast

Secure IP Sharing requires only client software installed on the user devices and access to the Internet. An entire team can transition to Secure IP Sharing in moments. Users download Secure IP Sharing from the SpiderOak website or mobile app stores, install it, create an identity, and are added to their organization’s team.

From there they can create their own spaces for sharing files and chatting with colleagues, or join spaces created by others. Spaces do not require administrator oversight, thus reducing the number of users with access to key intellectual property who do not work directly with it.

Solution Features & Functions

Best in Class Security

  • End-to-end encryption and private blockchain technology keep your data safe.

Unlimited Version Control

  • Automatically retains every version of every file.

Centralized Team Management

  • Team administrator controls file deletion, folder creation, and user privileges.

Selective Sharing

  • Share files with your entire team, a select group, or an individual.


  • Share, sync, and collaborate with teammates on different operating systems.

Hosted or On-Premise

  • SpiderOak Secure Remote Telework is available for both on-premise deployment or hosted as a service.

Instant Notifications

  • Get a notification whenever anyone updates a shared file or folder.

Full Mobile Functionality

  • Download, view and upload files from your mobile device for complete continuity.

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